2024 Boys State Basketball All-Tournament Teams

THE CAPTAIN: Jaden Jackson’s huge second half led Bellevue West’s come-from-behind win over Millard North in the Class A final. (Harvest Sports / Andrew Placke)

Six state champions were crowned over the weekend at the 2024 boys state basketball tournament. Yesterday, on our Twitter page we shared with you our all-tournament teams. Here they are together — The Super Six, in each class — for posterity. What a fantastic tournament. Thank you to all the players, coaches, officials and NSAA personnel who made it so great.

All-Class Team: Jaden Jackson, Bellevue West (honorary captain); Derek Rollins, Millard North; Jacob Arop, Bellevue West; Brock Scholl, Omaha Skutt; Marcus Glock, Wahoo; Tayje Hadwiger, Amherst.

Class A: Jaden Jackson, Bellevue West (honorary captain); Derek Rollins, Millard North; Jacob Arop, Bellevue West; Elijah Gaeth, Millard North; Kevin Stubblefield, Omaha Westside; Daleron Thomas, Omaha Central.

Class B: Brock Scholl, Omaha Skutt (honorary captain); Kyle Cannon, Omaha Skutt; Barret Boesiger, Norris; Christopher Garner, Jr., Norris; Dylan Van Dyke, Omaha Skutt; Aidan McDowell, Crete.

Class C-1: Marcus Glock, Wahoo (honorary captain); Dylan Simons, Wahoo; Maverick Binder, Auburn; Payton Boden, Auburn; Quientan McCafferty, Omaha Concordia; Dane Jacobsen, Ashland-Greenwood.

Class C-2: Tayje Hadwiger, Amherst (honorary captain); Austin Adelung, Amherst; Jacob Duitsman, Lincoln Lutheran; Ryan Hager, Lincoln Lutheran; Carter Riessland, Amherst; Ashton Seim, Cross County.

Class D-1: Brody Koehler, Johnson-Brock (honorary captain); Trey Appelt, Ainsworth; Camden Dalinghaus, Johnson-Brock; Case Dalinghaus, Johnson-Brock; Carter Nelson, Ainsworth; Konnor Kralik, Guardian Angels Central Catholic.

Class D-2: Riley Bombeck, Shelton (honorary captain); Ashton Simmons, Shelton; Jerry Ingison, Maywood-Hayes Center; Haydn Farr, Maywood-Hayes Center; Zack Foxhoven, Wynot; Dylan Heine, Wynot.

CLASS B CAPTAIN: Omaha Skutt’s Brock Scholl. (Harvest Sports / Andrew Placke)

PURE JOY: Class C-1 captain Marcus Glock of Wahoo. (Harvest Sports / Andrew Placke)

CLASS C-2 CAPTAIN: Tayje Hadwiger of Amherst. (Harvest Sports / Andrew Placke)

CLASS D-1 CAPTAIN: Brody Koehler of Johnson-Brock. (Harvest Sports / Andrew Placke)

CLASS D-2 CAPTAIN: Shelton’s Riley Bombeck. (Harvest Sports / Andrew Placke)